• HiP 072 Feature – Leis to the Sea: Traditions of Return

    In the heart of the Pacific, a tradition as old as the gentle island breeze whispers through the lush landscapes of Hawaii. Legend has it that throwing the flowers from your Hawaiian lei into the ocean ensures a return to these paradisiacal shores. This act, steeped in culture and folklore, draws parallels to similar rituals worldwide, such as the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome.

  • HiP 063_ Hi. Cost of Living

    In this episode, Mini-Feature Hawaii’s ever increasing cost of living, hint, it aint cheap! 3 Surf Contest, a concert for every night of the week covering 4 of the 7 islands. PLUS We have 7 day accurate weather, surf night sky forecast plus events and concerts to entertain you in the islands ! Plus 7 days of events to celebrate where ever you are on world day calendar so get your cappacino maker ready and your ice cream scooper too.

  • Hawaii Posts Current Stats via Spotify

    After 20 episodes this year the Spotify Stats are in…40K Starts, 20K Streams, 17K listeners. Mahalo for listening, subscribing and sharing Hawaii Posts with your friends & family

  • HiP Episode 59 – Gwen Stefani, Haunted House, Maui Re-Opening Hypocrisy

    In this abbreviated episode we a private concert, pop star, water equity man, dead body, maui re-opening  Kasha House Ghost and course our 7 day accurate weather and surf forecast!

  • HIP Episode 56 – Maui Charities, Hi. Atty. Gen. Warning, Aloha Festival

    In this episode talk a bit about multiple Maui Charities, a warning about which charities to choose from via the State Attorney General, an update on my Queen Emma podcast bio, dancing venus, bike rides, runs, maui benefit concerts, North Shore Surf Do's and Don'ts. And of course we have our we have our 7day forecast for weather surf and events...all that and more coming up. Stay Tuned & Stay Stoked!

  • Episode 55 – Royal Mausoleum, Summer Palace, Volcano Erupting and Maui Update

    In this episode we have our 7day forecast for weather surf and events. The Story of Queen Emma Not so Hidden Royal Mausoleum, Kilauea is erupting, Maui Invitational is moving, […]

  • Episode 54 – The people of Maui and Hawaii Speak Up

    In this episode we have our 7day forecast for weather surf and events. Sea Inspiration, Horse back rides on the north shore, Hot Rods, British Cars, The Green on Oahu […]

  • Episode 048 Runs, Walks, Stand Up Paddle Races Surf Contests Concerts and more

    In this episode we have our flawless 7 day forecasts for weather surf and night sky and 7 days of events concerts and comedy . Including, Walks, Runs, Surf contests, […]