HiP 063_ Hi. Cost of Living

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Hawaii Posts
HiP 063_ Hi. Cost of Living

In this episode, Mini-Feature Hawaii’s ever increasing cost of living, hint, it aint cheap! 3 Surf Contest, a concert for every night of the week covering 4 of the 7 islands. PLUS We have 7 day accurate weather, surf night sky forecast plus events and concerts to entertain you in the islands ! Plus 7 days of events to celebrate where ever you are on world day calendar so get your cappacino maker ready and your ice cream scooper too.

Thank you for choosing Hawaii Posts to be part of your auditory landscape….. Aw-right – Lets go!

HiP weekly Weather Forecast- Monday Nov 6 to Sunday Nov 12th 2023

Weather Conditions for Oahu-

This week will be windy and partly sunny with patches of clouds and passing showers but with the Tradewinds blowing strong the precipitation won’t hang around for long

Winds- Strong trade winds form ENE  15-25 MPH

Temperatures average-  

Highs will be around at 83 to 85F (28C) Lows will range from 73 to 75F (23C)

This Week

Sunrise- around 6:37 am  Sunset- around 5:51 pm

Daylight – averaging 11 hours 15 min


Song: The Lost Chord by Salon Kingsadore 

North Shores: 2-4 (4-8 faces) dropping but a fast swell coming Friday pushing 3-6 (6-12 faces)

West Side: 1-2 (2-4 faces) dropping through the week

South Shores: 1-2 rising (2-4 faces) holding

East Side: 2-4 rising (4-8 faces) benefiting from a north swell wrap and strong easterly winds BUT chunky and funky


HIC PRO at Sunset Beach finals were Thursday Nov 2  with to Hawaii locals winning the mens and women’s divisions. Nora Lotta winning the women’s division and Shion Crawford winning the mens division

Turtle Bay Pro Am boogie board contest Friday Nov. 10 – Sunday Nov 12

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing starts next Sunday nov. 12 the triple crown has 3 contest each with 2 week periods and that totals 6 weeks signaling that the north shore surf season is in full effect. The first contest being the Sunset pro followed by the Haleiwa Pro and then the crown jewel the Vans Pipeline Masters. I will bring you updates ….. so stay tuned and stay stoked.

Night Sky 

Moon Phase

The moon waning tonight Monday Nov. 6 its 37% illumination unless u are up late at night or early morning you may not see the moon this week


Tonight 1:51 AM By Sunday 6:06 Am New moon  with a .3% illumination


Tomorow 2:32pm By Sunday 5:29 pm

Visible Planets

Mercury Sets at 6:25 PM WEST

Venus Rises 3:18 AM EAST

Mars Sets 6:04 PM WEST

Jupiter Rises 6:25 PM EAST

Saturn sets 1:24 AM  WEST

Uranus Rises 6:15 PM  WEST


Night time this week will be about 12hrs and 45 minutes 

Next week we will see the peak in Leonid Meteor shower meaning this week with the monocles night sky it may be dark enough to see a few meteor as part of the Leonid Meteor showers…. The name Leonid gives you a hint on where to look for the meteors…. The meteors seem to emerge for the Constellation Leo


Monday- Nacho Day

Tuesday-  Canine Lymphoma awareness day

Wednesday- cappuccino day

Thursday- world freedom day/ go to a museum day

Friday- Marine Corp Birthday

Saturday- Metal Day and Sundae Day ( eat a Sunday with a silver spoon)

Sunday- Happy Hour Day so all Sunday you can say Cheers every hour as somewhere its Happy Hour all day long


Hi. cost of living, Hawaii economics

$100 = $85

Hawaii median household income $83K (AVERAGE $107.348)

Gas is averaging $4.71 a gallon here in the islands and $3.42 national average = $1.29 diff

Milk is averaging $6.89 a gallon here in the islands and $4.36 national average = $2.53 diff

Median Rent when averaging all rental listings:

$2900 in Hawaii

$2825 in LA

$2025 in Orlando FL

$1957 Phoenix AZ

$1900 Dallas Tx

$1450 Columbus OH

$3380 NY, NY the highest median rental

National Home values at $348,539

Hawaii home value $798,149


Hawaii Utility Bills including Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer, Trash, Internet, Phone etc: $611.87

National Average for monthly utility costs $290.79

= $321.08 difference



Personal Consumption Expenditures

meaning, the dollar figures are adjusted to regional cost of goods and services, and are thus a more accurate picture of spending than using nominal personal consumption expenditure numbers

Hawaii ranked in the lower 10 among the 50 states

Hawaii median household income  $83 K 

Real per capita personal consumption expenditures: $36,193

  • Real per capita income: $47,234



“Ho’okipa” (Hospitality or to entertain) 2 Min



Michael Delara Arnold’s Beach Bar, Waikiki, HI, US


Kahlee  The Dragon Upstairs, Honolulu, HI, US

Eli Lev  Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, HI, U


Dance Gavin Dance The Republik, Honolulu, HI, US

Anuhea  Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, HI, US


Nieman. The Republik, Honolulu, HI, US

JR De Guzman will be at the Blue Note Nov 9  – 11


Emo Nite  The Republik, Honolulu, HI, US


Slushii  The Republik, Honolulu, HI, US

Midnight Tyrannosaurus  HB Social Club, Honolulu, HI, US

The Jazz Maui Music Festival featuring Trumpeter Deshannon Higa 7-9pm at the ProArts Playhouse in Kihei

Big Island of Hawai’i Jazz in the Forest : A Potpourri of Jazz at the Volcano Arts Center on Old Volcano Road

The Itals play at the Porter Pavilion on Kauai 5:30-10:30


The Itals  Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US


Please Kokua for Maui in supporting the American Red Cross.

Help people affected by the Hawaii Wildfires. Your donation enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to, and help people recover from this disaster