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  • HiP 082 May Day is Lei Day and Feral Parakeets

    Ring aroung the sun, perhaps a lei around the sun. Earth completes one spin on its axis (with respect to the Sun) every 24 hours—give or take a few milliseconds. 2022 the days were slower than  the days of 2023. How Much? Thats coming up in our astronomical notes. Take a tour of the historic Hawaiian Kingdom capital building, award wining farmers market and half way to halloween party, all that and more will be mixed up in our HIP events calander  along with May Day is Lei Day coming  May 1st  and in our concerts we have a may first concer featuring Kuana Torres Kahele.. Also we have our HIP 7 day forecast for weather surf nightsky events concerts and more.    https://www.timeanddate.com/news/astronomy/earth-rotation-2024 https://youtube.com/salonkingsadore https://www.kitv.com/news/local/the-96th-lei-day-celebration-kicks-off-in-may/article_34e5cb8c-0344-11ef-bd70-c7f94b85fb70.html hawaii news now Aliiolani Hale — the “House of Heavenly Kings” — was the central hub of government in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Past, present and future: This iconic building in downtown Honolulu celebrates 150 years https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2024/04/26/past-present-future-this-iconic-building-downtown-honolulu-celebrates-150-years/ Manu o Kū, also known as the white tern, is Honoluluʻs official bird. https://www.khon2.com/local-news/learn-why-honoluluʻs-official-bird-is-so-special/ KITV Kaka'ako farmers market takes 2024 USA Tod y3rd place in top 10 https://www.kitv.com/video/shakas-and-shout-outs-kakaako-famers-market-3rd-place/video_947c2ce3-6e18-5d0d-8cbb-a3cf319b320b.html KHON Halfway to Halloween  https://www.khon2.com/local-news/fright-nights-halfway-to-halloween-takes-over-chinatown-honolulu/

  • HiP 069 The Story Behind “Aloha Oe” and “Kanaka Christmas”

    In this musical episode, I debut a new track I produced, Queen Lilioulkalani’s (Lee-Lee-U-O-Ka-La-Nee) Aloha Oe, I produced a version of the song in a Country Hawaiian style. Big Mahalo to my house musician Luis Caldera for his masterful interpretation.  Then as Christmas approaches I review all of the Christmas themed highlights from my podcasts this month. Most of which includes music, events and activities that can be enjoyed all the way up to and through Christmas Day.  I will play for you the Hawaiian style version of The Night Before Christmas complete in its humorous pidgin style. Of course we have our 7 day forecast for the Weather, Surf, Night Sky, Concerts, Events, and World Day calendar

  • HiP 068 – Eddie Big Wave Contest Info and a Special 7 Day World Calendar

    In this episode,  12 Bars of Christmas - 11 legendary surfers - 10 degrees in temperature shift - 9 Days left in the Pipemaster - 8 events on Saturday - 7 day forecasts - 6 nights of concerts - 5k run in La’ie - 4 nights of meteor showers - 3 foot waves - 2 Blood Drive - AND a Mele Kalikimaka Market

  • HiP 067 – Where You Can Get a Picture with Santa in Hawaii

    In this episode,  7 Day forecast for weather Surf and night sky, 7 surf contest, 7 Great concerts more than 7 places in Hawaii where you can get your picture with Santa. I have a 7 World days to celebrate where ever you are in the world with our exclusive HIP world day calendar: Ninjas, soil, st. nick, , Christmas cards, gazpacho, miners day, Pearl Harbor, aviation day, Hanukkah, several days or your sweet tooth too. 2 Hawaiian Christmas music playlist that you can enjoy where ever you are. I’ll debut two more songs that I produced as part of my band called Blu De with the musical expertise of Luis Caldera. Thank you for choosing Hawaii Posts to be part of your soundscape today.….. Aw-right - Lets go!

  • HiP 065 Rainbows, Dinner Tours and My Favorite Podcasts

    In this episode, The winds will do a 360 around the compass, Mars stays Hidden until March, Full moon in the night sky, Hawaii Food Tour takes you off the beaten path, Music at the Shell and all throughout Waikiki, Happy Money, Thanksgiving Dinner, Maui Invitation on Oahu, Craft and Food Fairs and I tell you what podcasts I like to listen too. A reminder about my Hawaiian music play list that you can enjoy where every you are. Speaking of where ever you are… I have a 7 World days to celebrate where ever you are in the world with our exclusive HIP world day calendar: Get Stuffed, Go for a Ride, Get Stuffed again, Buy Something or Don’t buy anything, or maybe just do it in cyberspace either way you can have your cake and eat it too.

  • HiP 062 SHARK-TOBER plus HiP 7 DAY forecast Weather Surf and Events

    In this episode , It’s Halloween week and I have an extensive event calendar for halloween night, Covering all the islands Island Vibes on Oahu, Kona coffee, skate park in Kona, made in maui fest. Eo E Emalani on Kauai, sharktober and that means at this of year the island sees more tiger sharks and more tiger shark attacks …. Stay tuned for that in our surf report. We have 7 day accurate weather, surf night sky forecast plus events and concerts to entertain you in the islands ! Plus 7 days of events to celebrate where ever you are on world day calendar.

  • HIP Episode 56 – Maui Charities, Hi. Atty. Gen. Warning, Aloha Festival

    In this episode talk a bit about multiple Maui Charities, a warning about which charities to choose from via the State Attorney General, an update on my Queen Emma podcast bio, dancing venus, bike rides, runs, maui benefit concerts, North Shore Surf Do's and Don'ts. And of course we have our we have our 7day forecast for weather surf and events...all that and more coming up. Stay Tuned & Stay Stoked!

  • Episode 55 – Royal Mausoleum, Summer Palace, Volcano Erupting and Maui Update

    In this episode we have our 7day forecast for weather surf and events. The Story of Queen Emma Not so Hidden Royal Mausoleum, Kilauea is erupting, Maui Invitational is moving, […]

  • Episode 54 – The people of Maui and Hawaii Speak Up

    In this episode we have our 7day forecast for weather surf and events. Sea Inspiration, Horse back rides on the north shore, Hot Rods, British Cars, The Green on Oahu […]

  • HiP Episode 053 – Honeycreepers and the Supermoon

    In this episode we have our 7 day forecasts for weather surf and night sky and 7 days of events concerts. Including, _Duke’s Ocean Fest Schedule, Henry Kapono live at […]