HiP 065 Rainbows, Dinner Tours and My Favorite Podcasts

Hawaii Posts
Hawaii Posts
HiP 065 Rainbows, Dinner Tours and My Favorite Podcasts

#65 for week starting Tuesday Nov 21 to Monday Nov 28th 202

In this episode, The winds will do a 360 around the compass, Mars stays Hidden until March, Full moon in the night sky, Hawaii Food Tour takes you off the beaten path, Music at the Shell and all throughout Waikiki, Happy Money, Thanksgiving Dinner, Maui Invitation on Oahu, Craft and Food Fairs and I tell you what podcasts I like to listen too. A reminder about my Hawaiian music play list that you can enjoy where every you are. Speaking of where ever you are… I have a 7 World days to celebrate where ever you are in the world with our exclusive HIP world day calendar: Get Stuffed, Go for a Ride, Get Stuffed again, Buy Something or Don’t buy anything, or maybe just do it in cyberspace either way you can have your cake and eat it too.

Weather, Surf & Night Sky  “Anilā, Nalu a me Pō Lani” 3 min

HiP weekly Weather Forecast-  Tuesday Nov 21 to Monday Nov 28th 2023

Weather Conditions for Oahu-

This week winds will be shifty with lots of passing showers and plenty patches of sunshine. Thursday – Saturday may be mostly cloudy and Sunday and Monday will be over cast. But no worry beef curry this is typical autumn weather patterns where the forecast may not include the relentless sunshine that hawaii enjoys. If rain in the forecast causes concern remember as I always say… No Rain no Rainbows and we are called the rainbow state for a reason 

Winds- Winds will be decreasing through the week. Tuesday NE – SW at 10-15 mph and by thanksgiving day winds will be blowing east west at 5-10mph, Friday SE to NW 0-5 then almost like a tennis volley the winds come from the opposite direction NW to SEthen Sunday from the N at 15-20 and back to NE tradwinds next Monday.  So its fair to say these winds will be rocking around the clock or compass per se… this week.

Temperatures average-  

Highs will be around at 83- 85F (27C) with the lowest high temp on Sunday with the cool winds coming in from the north.

Lows will be around 72-70F (21C) and a chilly 69 early Monday morning

This Week

Sunrise- around 6:48 am 

Sunset- around 5:48 pm

Daylight – averaging 11 hours 


Song: Rainbow by Salon Kingsadore 

North Shores: 8-12 today, Monday when I record this  (16–24 faces) dropping 3-6 (6-12 faces) through Wednesday and then a big swell comes through on Friday 15-22 (20-38 faces)

West Side: 3-6 (6-12 faces) holding through the week until Friday  

South Shores: 1-2 rising (2-4 faces) holding

East Side: 1-2 holding (2–4 faces)  a bit bumpy but not too grumpy as calm winds later this week will smooth out the conditions 


Hawaiian Island HIC Haleiwa Pro Nov. 26 – Dec. 7

Hawaii News Now Guy Hai sits down with Surfer Josh Moniz and Mitch McEwen from HIC to talk about the upcomin Hawaiian Island HIC Haleiwa Pro


Night Sky 

Moon Phase: Tuesday is the moon is waxing with a 70% illumination, Full moon on Saturday Nov 26

Moonrise: Today early morning 2:07 pM  By Monday 7:08 PM 

Moonset: Tonight early morning 1:13 AM By Monday 8:17 AM

Visible Planets

Mercury Sets at 6:50 PM WEST Venus Rises 3:30 AM EAST Mars Sets 6:45 PM WEST Jupiter Sets 5:15 AM EAST Saturn sets 12:25 AM  WESTUranus Rises 6:14 AM  WEST


Mars is hiding behind  the sun, reaching solar conjunction on Nov. 18 and the red planet will be visible again in march of next year


Stargazing Show on the Level 6 Garage at International Market Place (22 November 2023)

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Favorite Podcasts

Unexplained by Richard McClean Smith

True Tales of Mystery Unexplained with Steph Young


Mysterious Universe with Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright

Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade 

Dr. Bob Martin Show

Canary Cry Radio with hosts Basil and Gonz

No Agenda with Adam Curry

Concerts & Comedy

This week is thanksgiving in the good old US of A



John ChoeloTiki’s Grill & Bar | Honolulu, HI 1:00 pm

Stan Albrecht performs at BASALT @ Dukes Lane Market and EateryBASALT Restaurant @ Dukes Lane Market and Eatery | Honolulu, HI 5:00 pm


Dave Watanabe performs at BASALT @ Dukes Lane Market and EateryBASALT Restaurant @ Dukes Lane Market and Eatery | Honolulu, HI 5:00 pm

KapenaMoana Surfrider | Honolulu, HI 5:30 pm

Kitty PineappleBlue Note Hawaii | Honolulu, HI 6:30 pm

KaskadeTom Moffatt Waikiki Shell | Honolulu, HI 7:00 pm


KapenaThe Royal Hawaiian | Honolulu, HI 6:30 pm


Chapter llTiki’s Grill & Bar | Honolulu, HI 3:00 pm


Thanksgiving With AnuheaBlue Note Hawaii | Honolulu, HI 6:30 pm

The Platters Very Merry Christmas ShowHawaii Theatre | Honolulu, HI 8:00 pm





Maui InvitationalSimpliFi Arena at Stan Sheriff Center on the campus of University of Hawai’i at Mānoa | Honolulu, HI 12:00 


Maui InvitationalSimpliFi Arena at Stan Sheriff Center on the campus of University of Hawai’i at Mānoa | Honolulu, HI 12:00 


Thanksgiving Dinner at Waikīkī Beach Marriott Resort & SpaQueensbreak Paina Terrace | Waikīkī Beach Marriott Resort & Spa | Honolulu, HI 5:00 pm

Honolulu Marathon Clinic Turkey TrotKapiolani Park | Honolulu, HI 7:00 am


OahuFoodies FEASTivalPearlridge Center Food Truck Lot (Old Sears Parking Lot) | Honolulu, HI 4:00 pm

34th Islandwide Crafts & Food ExpoBlaisdell Center | Honolulu, HI 4:00 pm


52nd Annual Holiday Craft FairHawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site | Honolulu, HI 8:30 am

Bike Contest and Parade (part of Lions Club Holiday Parade)Hawaii Kai – Lunalilo Home Road | Honolulu, HI 9:15 am

Waikiki Holiday Parade along Kalakaua Avenue (24 November 2023)

Foodie segment  ‘Ono Ō (Good food for your journey) 2 min

WHAT – Hawaii Food Tour

WHEN – Wed only this week. But most weeks you can schedule it on Mon, Wed, and Friday

WHERE – Hotel Pick Up

$$$$$ – $140

ABOUT – Oahu is filled with great places to eat, but, for visitors, it can sometimes be tricky to avoid tourist traps and find to best spots. This small-group walking tour provides insights into Hawaii’s multicultural history and culinary heritage while taking you to some excellent eateries that lie off the tourist trail. Venture through fresh markets, fruit vendors, exotic eateries, and modern-day fusion restaurants as you eat your way around the island. 

Note: some stops may require eating while standing. 

Walking tour of Oahu’s best food spots: 

Explore the local food scene 

Visit eateries that most tourists cannot find and enjoy several dishes 

Small-group tour (maximum 12): 

A more personal experience Learn about Hawaii’s culinary heritage from your guide

(Refer to website for menu items)

WEBSITE – https://www.viator.com/tours/Honolulu/Off-The-Beaten-Path-Oahu-Food-Tour/d59070-259972P3

World DAYS

Tuesday- Hello Day, Television Day, Entrepreneurs Day, Stuffing Day

Wednesday- Go For A Ride Day

Thursday- Thanksgiving,  Espresso Day, Adoption Day and Fibonacci day

Friday- Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day, American Indian Heritage Day

Saturday- Play day with Dad, Elimination of Violence against Women

Sunday- Cake Day, Family History Day

Monday- Cyber Monday


Please Kokua for Maui in supporting the American Red Cross.

Help people affected by the Hawaii Wildfires. Your donation enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to, and help people recover from this disaster