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  • HiP 088 – Ancient History in the Sky

    In this episode, we have our weather surf and night sky forecast, over 15 concerts and 3 events in our event calendar also pay attention I will tell you how you can witness ancient history this summer OLELO HAWAII Kokua - To Help https://wehewehe.org       or    https://www.nps.gov/havo/learn/historyculture/olelo-hawaii.htm ASTRONOMICAL NOTES: Ancient History Is About to Happen in the Night Sky https://www.timeanddate.com/news/astronomy/t-coronae-borealis-new-star-2024 Hawaii Posts Tip Jar : https://hawaiiposts.com/category/tip-jar-donate-to-hawaii-posts/

  • HiP 087 King Kamehameha Week and Parade of Planets

    In this weeks episode, we cover two weeks of weather surf and night sky plus a comprehensive list of all the events surrounding King Kamehameha week. Also are you ready for the June 3 parade of planets? Will I have details on that coming up?

  • HiP 082 May Day is Lei Day and Feral Parakeets

    Ring aroung the sun, perhaps a lei around the sun. Earth completes one spin on its axis (with respect to the Sun) every 24 hours—give or take a few milliseconds. 2022 the days were slower than  the days of 2023. How Much? Thats coming up in our astronomical notes. Take a tour of the historic Hawaiian Kingdom capital building, award wining farmers market and half way to halloween party, all that and more will be mixed up in our HIP events calander  along with May Day is Lei Day coming  May 1st  and in our concerts we have a may first concer featuring Kuana Torres Kahele.. Also we have our HIP 7 day forecast for weather surf nightsky events concerts and more.    https://www.timeanddate.com/news/astronomy/earth-rotation-2024 https://youtube.com/salonkingsadore https://www.kitv.com/news/local/the-96th-lei-day-celebration-kicks-off-in-may/article_34e5cb8c-0344-11ef-bd70-c7f94b85fb70.html hawaii news now Aliiolani Hale — the “House of Heavenly Kings” — was the central hub of government in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Past, present and future: This iconic building in downtown Honolulu celebrates 150 years https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2024/04/26/past-present-future-this-iconic-building-downtown-honolulu-celebrates-150-years/ Manu o Kū, also known as the white tern, is Honoluluʻs official bird. https://www.khon2.com/local-news/learn-why-honoluluʻs-official-bird-is-so-special/ KITV Kaka'ako farmers market takes 2024 USA Tod y3rd place in top 10 https://www.kitv.com/video/shakas-and-shout-outs-kakaako-famers-market-3rd-place/video_947c2ce3-6e18-5d0d-8cbb-a3cf319b320b.html KHON Halfway to Halloween  https://www.khon2.com/local-news/fright-nights-halfway-to-halloween-takes-over-chinatown-honolulu/

  • HiP 078 – EASTER and 7 Day Forecast

    In this episode, I WILL FOCUS ON EASTER WEEKEND EVENTS, LIKE BRUNCHES CONCERTS AND OF COURSE EASTER EGG HUNTS Also We’ll have a 7 day forecast for weather, surf, night sky Recently, Hawaii post was featured on feed spot as one of the top 70 west coast podcast is super exciting. Thank you very much West Coast podcast for the email that came from a ANUJ AGARWAL at blog.feedspoot.com/west_coast_podcast And, according to chartable.com, Hawaii Posts was ranked in the top 10 travel podcast in Japan DOMO ARIGATO GOSAIMAS Hawaii Post o kikimass If you are coming out this week and listen to the show, drop me an email or DM through IG FB or X and say ALOHA

  • HiP 074 – 7 Day Forecast 2/8 – 2/15 Valentine Date Ideas

    #74 your HiP 7 Day Forecast for week starting Friday Feb 9 to Thurs 15th 2024In this episode, We’ll have a 7 day forecast for weather, surf, night, sky, upcoming events and concerts, and our world day’s calandar South, west, south, then northeast winds Weekend swell 4 surf contests Jupiter gets cozy 3 date night ideas for Valentines day

  • HiP 073 – 7 Day Forecast 2/2 – 2/8 2024

    Day Forecast for week starting Friday Feb 2 to Thurs 8th 2024 In this episode, We’ll have a 7 day forecast for weather, surf, night, sky, upcoming events and concerts, and our world day’s calandar which means: 5 days to celebrate food 4 surf contest,  3 days exploring the universe 2 Chinese Lunar New Year events 1 lanai  railing collapsing Thank you for choosing Hawaii Posts to be part of your tapestry of life….. Aw-right - Lets go!

  • HiP 072 Feature – Leis to the Sea: Traditions of Return

    In the heart of the Pacific, a tradition as old as the gentle island breeze whispers through the lush landscapes of Hawaii. Legend has it that throwing the flowers from your Hawaiian lei into the ocean ensures a return to these paradisiacal shores. This act, steeped in culture and folklore, draws parallels to similar rituals worldwide, such as the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome.

  • HiP 071 – The Best Time of year to Visit Hawaii, Plus Annual Events and Festivals

    we are going to talk about planning your trip to Hawaii, I'm going to share with you the best time to visit Hawaii. As you may know, I work in the tourist industry as a executive chauffeur. While some clients tend to be quiet in the backseat, many of them will strike up a conversation. One of the most common questions is, when is the best time to visit Hawaii.

  • HiP 070 The Moons of Our Solar System and the Plight of Pluto

    In this episode, Mostly sunny Skies, NYE firework review, The Hui He’e Nalu Backdoor Shootout, Do you know how many moons are in our solar system and Pluto the Planetary Pariah.  We’ll have a 7 day forecast for weather, surf, night, sky, upcoming events and concerts. Also a 7 World days to celebrate where ever you are in the world, Then I’ll give you an update about a public works project that i have been bugging my local represenatives about ….. and i’m proud to say the project is now under way and construction has finally started. I have a new song by my music project… Blue Day: “Walk and Chew Gum” and i will be using more Blu Day tracks through out the show.

  • HiP 067 – Where You Can Get a Picture with Santa in Hawaii

    In this episode,  7 Day forecast for weather Surf and night sky, 7 surf contest, 7 Great concerts more than 7 places in Hawaii where you can get your picture with Santa. I have a 7 World days to celebrate where ever you are in the world with our exclusive HIP world day calendar: Ninjas, soil, st. nick, , Christmas cards, gazpacho, miners day, Pearl Harbor, aviation day, Hanukkah, several days or your sweet tooth too. 2 Hawaiian Christmas music playlist that you can enjoy where ever you are. I’ll debut two more songs that I produced as part of my band called Blu De with the musical expertise of Luis Caldera. Thank you for choosing Hawaii Posts to be part of your soundscape today.….. Aw-right - Lets go!