Tag: Aloha Oe

  • HiP 069 The Story Behind “Aloha Oe” and “Kanaka Christmas”

    In this musical episode, I debut a new track I produced, Queen Lilioulkalani’s (Lee-Lee-U-O-Ka-La-Nee) Aloha Oe, I produced a version of the song in a Country Hawaiian style. Big Mahalo to my house musician Luis Caldera for his masterful interpretation.  Then as Christmas approaches I review all of the Christmas themed highlights from my podcasts this month. Most of which includes music, events and activities that can be enjoyed all the way up to and through Christmas Day.  I will play for you the Hawaiian style version of The Night Before Christmas complete in its humorous pidgin style. Of course we have our 7 day forecast for the Weather, Surf, Night Sky, Concerts, Events, and World Day calendar