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  • HIP 086 – Memorial Day Weekend 2024

    Welcome back to Hawaii Posts epidode #86. Saturday May 24th to Friday May 31st 2024  In this short episode, we will cover the weather the surf a few concerts and events that you can do here in Oahu on this Memorial Day weekend Also, in this episode, I will be playing more new tracks from my music project blue Day. You'll hear it coming up in the weather report. Mahalo for listening to this show,,,,, are you ready ? Awright! OLELO HAWAII with Tom e Stokes Jr. Koa - Soldier another Hawaiian word for soldier or warrior is — Pū’ali

  • Hawaii Posts Episode 042

    We have most sunny forecast with cloudy days in the future, a brightening evening star… (hint: Venus)  All you Foodies get ready for a review of one of Roy Yamaguci’s […]