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  • HiP 078 – EASTER and 7 Day Forecast

    In this episode, I WILL FOCUS ON EASTER WEEKEND EVENTS, LIKE BRUNCHES CONCERTS AND OF COURSE EASTER EGG HUNTS Also We’ll have a 7 day forecast for weather, surf, night sky Recently, Hawaii post was featured on feed spot as one of the top 70 west coast podcast is super exciting. Thank you very much West Coast podcast for the email that came from a ANUJ AGARWAL at blog.feedspoot.com/west_coast_podcast And, according to chartable.com, Hawaii Posts was ranked in the top 10 travel podcast in Japan DOMO ARIGATO GOSAIMAS Hawaii Post o kikimass If you are coming out this week and listen to the show, drop me an email or DM through IG FB or X and say ALOHA