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  • HiP 085 WANTED DEAD the Coconut Beetle, Plus Rainy Day Activites in Hawaii

    epidode #85. Saturday May 18th to Thursday May 24th 2024 Im your host Tom e Stokes. In this episode, we will feature the rhinoceros beetle and how it is classified as a invasive species and highlight the damage that is doing and then I'm gonna charge you with a little bit of a mission at the end of this show and I think if you saw the artwork for this episode, you have an idea what I'm talking about. It's a hunt for the rhinoceros beetle so we can save not only our coconut trees, but papaya, pineapple, and everything else that we enjoy here in the islands. Also we have a little if not a lot of rain in the forecast, but don't let your hearts be troubled. There will be some sunshine in between and as the week progresses, there will be a lot more sunshine. Yesterday I picked up two lovely ladies from France, Aloha Lea and Angie, Having litterally travel half way around the world they were a little disappointed to see all the rain. We had a great conversation about what you can do on a rainy day here in Hawaii and so I will make that our events calendar what you can do in hawaii on a rainy day.