HiP Episode #044 King Kamehameha Day Celebrations

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HiP Episode #044 King Kamehameha Day Celebrations

Coming up in this week’s episode listener mail, good weather, stellar sunsets night skies with trivial fun facts,  Musubi Bento food review, and lots of stories and interesting facts about King Kamehameha, even a song about the King Kamehameha.

Food Review: Musubi and Bento Iyasume. I took my 2 kids Jimmy and Tommy to the Musubi and Bento Iyasume in Waikiki at their Seaside avenue location. It’s just one block toward the mountains or as locals say mauka, of Kalākaua Ave just up the road from the world famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel. 

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If you go to Musubi and Bento Iyasume

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Feature: The story of King Kamehameha

King Kamehameha was a very important person in the history of Hawaii. He was born around 1758 in the Hawaiian Islands. When he was a child, Hawaii was made up of separate islands with different rulers.

As he grew up, Kamehameha became a strong and brave warrior. He wanted to unite all the islands and become the ruler of Hawaii. It wasn’t an easy task because other chiefs and warriors wanted the same thing.

Kamehameha fought many battles and used his intelligence and strength to win. He was known for his strategic thinking and strong leadership. One famous story tells how he moved a large stone called the Naha Stone. It was said that whoever could move it would become the ruler of all the islands. Kamehameha was able to move the stone, proving his strength and becoming a leader.

In 1810, Kamehameha finally succeeded in unifying all the islands under his rule. He became the first king of the Kingdom of Hawaii. He worked to create a system of laws and improve the lives of the people.

Today, King Kamehameha is remembered as a great leader who brought peace and unity to Hawaii. You may have seen statues of him with his outstretched arm, symbolizing his goal to protect his people. His legacy is an important part of Hawaiian history and culture.

Some Interesting facts about King Kamehameha https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/hawaii/king-kamehameha-the-great-hi/

News:Kilauea Erupts


Lei Draping at the King Kamehameha statue

Music: King Kamehameha (the conqueror of the Islands) by Hilo Hattie

lyrics: https://my-ecoach.com/online/resources/11152/King_Kamehameha.pdf

Videos/Music (follow tom e stokes on Apple Playlists for these songs and more songs from Hawaii)

by Clara Inter featuring Al Kealoha Perry and his Singing Surf Riders) written by Hilo Hattie

by the Kona Inn Kane