HiP 085 WANTED DEAD the Coconut Beetle, Plus Rainy Day Activites in Hawaii

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HiP 085 WANTED DEAD the Coconut Beetle, Plus Rainy Day Activites in Hawaii

epidode #85. Saturday May 18th to Thursday May 24th 2024 

In this episode, we will feature the rhinoceros beetle and how it is classified as a invasive species and highlight the damage that is doing and then I’m gonna charge you with a little bit of a mission at the end of this show and I think if you saw the artwork for this episode, you have an idea what I’m talking about. It’s a hunt for the rhinoceros beetle so we can save not only our coconut trees, but papaya, pineapple, and everything else that we enjoy here in the islands. Also we have a little if not a lot of rain in the forecast, but don’t let your hearts be troubled. There will be some sunshine in between and as the week progresses, there will be a lot more sunshine. Yesterday I picked up two lovely ladies from France, Aloha Lea and Angie, Having litterally travel half way around the world they were a little disappointed to see all the rain. We had a great conversation about what you can do on a rainy day here in Hawaii and so I will make that our events calendar what you can do in hawaii on a rainy day.

HiP weekly Weather Forecast-   Saturday May 18th to Thursday May 24th 2024

Weather Conditions for Oahu-


This week we will see morning and evening showers overcast days, passing showers and plenty of patches of sunshine. 


Currently, the winds are pretty light coming out of the south, but they will switch to north north east winds which are our typical Tradewinds and the wind speeds will increase throughout the week so we’re starting the week off at about 5 miles an hour and by Friday it should be about 20 mile an hour tradewinds

Temperatures average-  

Highs will range between 82- 85F (27-28C) Our warmest day this week will be on Monday 85F and our coolest day this week will be next Wednesday at 82F. Lows will this week range between 66 – 73F (20-22C) with the coolest night next friday morning when temps will dip down to 66F

Sea Temperatures:


83 F (26C) thats shoreline, the further out and deeper you go the colder it gets

This Week

Sunrise- around 5:50 am 

Sunset- around 7:05 pm

Daylight – More than 13  hours of daylight, and with these thunderstorms bringing in cumulus clouds, the sunsets and sunrises should be quite fantastic

Surf Report

Song: Loma By: Salon Kingsadore,

Last song on their Album: Hotel Azteca


North Shores

2-3 and Declining to flat to a foot by mid week

West Side

2-4 and Declining to flat to a foot by mid week

South Shores

3-5 and dropping monday to 1-2 occ 3 and holding through the week

East Side

1-2 holding


T&C Grom Contest Surf Queens Beach Waikiki 5/17 – 5/18
Local Motion Surf Into Summer Surf Ala Moana Bowls 5/22 – 5/23

Night Sky 

Moon Phase

The moon is a waxing gibbous 75% illumination  next full moon is  thursday may 23rd this moon is nicknamed the flower moon or corn moon both are reminder to start planting your crops to be harvest on the next harvest moon september 28th

This week Moonrise and Moonset (rounded to nearest 5min)

Moonrise Saturday  3:15 PM

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Moonrise NEXT Fri 8:45 PM

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Mercury: From Sat 4:36 am
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Jupiter: Until Fri 7:03 pm
Saturn: From Sat 2:10 am
Uranus: From Sat 5:36 am
Neptune: From Sat 2:44 am


Mars is getting higher and higher in the pre-dawn sky—although it is still not visible for observers at northerly latitudes. The Red Planet will become much brighter later this year, as it heads toward opposition on January 16, 2025.


MINI- Feature- “Hiʻona” 10 Min

BEETLES WANTED DEAD I compiled over 10 audio clips from locals, experts  and local media talking about the rhinoceros beetle. I made an effort to keep the clips in a relatively chronological order because this story started many years ago and as with infestations first it goes unnoticed and then it becomes a problem that people start to notice and I’m afraid this problem may get way out of hand and we could lose our coconut trees among other wonderful plants, fruits and vegetables, Some of the information that you hear in the following clips may be redundant and I could clip some of it out, but I’d like to keep all of them in their pure state at the end of this you will probably be an expert on rhinoceros Beatles also known as the coconut beetle first let’s Meet the Beetles from @subafarms an AI introduction. top strategies @Subafarms


The rhinoceros beetle was first discovered in Oahu in 2013. In 10 years they started to spread most neighbor islands like maui and kauai,  

Here is @hancockhale with a short, which has a pretty comprehensive review of what we have to deal with here in the islands. It opens up with a young lady freaking out at the site of the larva, which are tnot so cute baby from the Beatles. By the end of the video, Hancock takes the larva and throws them into his chicken coop, and the chickens are stoked.

short description of the beetle (HANCOCK HALE)


The damage caused by the Rhino Beetle or Coconut beetle, is so visible that is getting to the point that neighborhood board meetings would have experts call in to the meeting to warn of the damaging effects of rhinoceros beetles.

Posted in 2022 @808Farms6 On the verge of a catastrophe


5 months ago KHON 2 covers the east side what to do when you find the grub


Now in the past weeks its been in the news

KGMB Drone coverage shows the invasive beetles damage


KHON 2 on north Shore with what you can do


By the name the coconut beetle its obvious that the rhinoceros, beetle or coconut beetle is fond of eating coconuts, but that’s not all as they’ve mentioned in the clips that you’ve listened to. They are going after pineapple, papaya, banana and the list goes on.

But there are solutions and that’s one thing I pride myself upon. I echo the sentiments of John Lennon, song “ Watching the Wheels”. “there’s no problems only solutions”

So let’s talk about some solutions earlier on the AI mentioned <SOT> Remember that lady in the one clip that just put it in the freezer. That’s a great idea as long as you don’t forget what it is. Tell everybody that that is what’s in the freezer nobody wants to go grab a late night, snack and end up eating a rhinoceros beetle larva. We also heard preventive maintenance such as clearing out mulch. 

Now listen up Hawaii here are some possible solutions. Here is something that we have plenty of on the island ,,,,,, SALT


Using Salt @Rehobothorganicfarm


Sea Salt kills the Beetle 


Using Salt @Rehobothorganicfarm


In one video i watched a guy uses mothballs

Mothballs @sandeepatn4701


FERAMONE TRAP protect our coconut trees from rhinoceros beetles with this trap. Using a lure that mimics a female beetle’s scent, males are lured in, thinking they’ve found a mate, only to be trapped in water. It’s an effective way to safeguard our coconut trees from damage and keep them healthy.

Lure with a female scent @quackandOrchard


danger TV 


Or introduce them to the thin space between two bricks

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Events “Ho’okipa” (Hospitality or to entertain) 2 Min

Friday May 17th to Thursday May 23rd 2024

Concerts & Comedy

Saturday 18th

Monday 20th


Tommy Castro & The Painkillers

Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US

Tuesday  21st

Justin Kawika Young

Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US

Wednesday 22nd

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Rainy Day activities for Maui!


Rainy Day Activites for Oahu! https://gowanderly.com/things-to-do-oahu-rain/









Luis Caldera: lcenterve@gmail.com Custom music

Salon Kingsadore https://youtube.com/salonkingsadore






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