HiP 076 – Seven Day Forecast, Honolulu Festival, Hawaiian Word of the Day

Hawaii Posts
Hawaii Posts
HiP 076 - Seven Day Forecast, Honolulu Festival, Hawaiian Word of the Day

In this episode we have your HiP 7 Day Forecast for week starting Friday March 8th to Thursdauy 14th 2024 Also, we feature the Honolulu Festival in our events calendar. Also We’ll have a 7 day forecast for weather, surf, night, sky, 7 concerts, and our world day’s calendar


Malihini – A stranger, foriegner or new comer to a place


 Weather, Surf & Night Sky  “Anilā, Nalu a me Pō Lani” 3 min

HiP weekly Weather Forecast-  Friday March 8th to Thursdauy 14th 2024

Weather Conditions for Oahu-


Its been a windy wet and albeit sunny as well. But the undeniable trend over the last two weeks is the air temperatures. Its been downright cool and later the the in the Sea Temperature segment you will hear how much of an effect it has had on sea temperatures. The next seven days will be partially overcast and passing showers with pocktes of blue sky and 

Winds- Our typical tradewinds have returned blowing in from the NNE at 15-25 MPH

shifting to Easterly tuesday and souhtherly wednesday winds will be 5 mph

Temperatures average-  

Highs will be range between 78-83F (22-26C) with the warmest day – wednesday 

Lows will be declining through the week 66 – 70F (20C) with the coolest night – next thursday

Sea Temperatures:


range: 78 – 80 F (25-26C) down one degree from february averages 

This Week

Sunrise- around 6:40 am 

Sunset- around 6:40 pm

Daylight – averaging a little more than 12 hours


Song: LOMA By: Salon Kingsadore,

Last song on their Album: Mountainn Rescue


North Shores

This weekend averaging 5 feet with 10 feet faces the rising to past 6 feet with 12-14 foot faces- tuesday

West Side

Avereaging 4 feet this weekend with a slight drop before rising tuesday to 6 (12 faces) tuesday

South Shores

flat to a foot with a bump on monday possibly 1-2 feet holding through the week

East Side

4-6 feet and dropping to 2-4 by tuesday


Duke Kahanamoku Beach Challenge at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon March 15… that’s next friday

Mixed events

Night Sky 

Moon Phase

Its a half full moon on the friday 16th and the next full moon Feb 24

This week Moonrise and Moonset (rounded to nearest 5min)


Friday high noon at 5:45 AM


Friday after moidnight 5:15PM 

Moonrise NEXT

 Thurs 9:50 AM

Moonset NEXT 


Visible Planets (rounded to nearest 5min)

Mercury Sets at 7:10 AM WEST

Venus Rises 5:40 AM EAST

Mars Rises 5:15 AM EAST

Jupiter Sets 10:30 PM WEST

Saturn Rises at  6:30 AM EAST

Uranus Sets 7:15 PM  WEST


March 10: Moon’s Closest Approach to Earth in 2024

The Earth-Moon distance (from the center of the Earth to the center of the Moon) will reach a minimum of 356,895 km (221,764 miles).

Tree Chime sound effect from https://www.youtube.com/@TreeWorksChimesUSA

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“Ho’okipa” (Hospitality or to entertain) 2 Min

Concerts & Comedy






Stanley Jordan

Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US



Wage War

The Republik, Honolulu, HI, US



The Honolulu Festival is Hawaii’s premier cultural event, promoting mutual understanding, economic cooperation and ethnic harmony between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region. Each year, the Festival attracts thousands of new and returning spectators who are looking for an experience unique to Hawaii. Through educational programs and activities sponsored by the Honolulu Festival Foundation, the Festival has been successful in showcasing the rich and vibrant blend of Asia, Pacific and Hawaiian cultures to the rest of the world. The three day extravaganza takes place every year in March from Friday through Sunday. Performers from various countries and regions such as Japan, Australia, Tahiti, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Hawaii and the mainland United States get together and give dance performances and traditional art demonstrations. The Festival culminates with a spectacular parade down Kalakaua Avenue, the main street in Waikiki. Events and activities of the Honolulu Festival take place close to the city center, making them great outings for locals and tourists alike. Admission to all the events is free, ensuring that everyone can take part in the Festival.

FOR MORE INFORMATION https://www.honolulufestival.com/en/

World DAYS


International Women’s Day
National Be Nasty Day
National Peanut Cluster Day
National Proofreading Day
National Retro Video Game Day


Amerigo Vespucci Day
Bang-Clang Day
False Teeth Day
Name Tag Day
National American Paddlefish Day
National Barbie Day
National Crabmeat Day
National Dishwasher Appreciation Day
National Meatball Day
National Panic DayNational Get Over It Day

Harriet Tubman Day
International Bagpipe Day
International Day Of Awesomeness
International Day Of Women Judges
International Wig Day
Landline Telephone Day
Middle Name Pride Day
National Blueberry Popover Day
National Mario Day
National Pack Your Lunch Day
National Pack Your Lunch Day
National Peel Day
National Preschooler’s Day
National Ranch Day
National Sending Day
National Skirt Day
Salvation Army Day
Us Paper Money Day


Debunking Day
Key Deer Awareness Day
National 311 Day
National Covid-19 Day
National Funeral Director And Mortician Recognition Day
National Johnny Appleseed Day
National No-Code Day
National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day
National Promposal Day
National Worship Of Tools Day
Wash Your Nose Day
World Day Of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue And Film
World Plumbing Day


Baked Scallops Day
National Alfred Hitchcock Day
National Girl Scout Day
National Plant A Flower Day
National Working Moms Day
The Start Of Daylight Saving Time
World Day Against Cyber Censorship
World Glaucoma Day


International Every Girl Wins Day
Ken Day
National Coconut Torte Day
National Earmuff Day
National Good Samaritan Day
National Jewel Day
National K9 Veteran’s Day
National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
Smart & Sexy Day


Celebrate Scientists Day
Crowd Funding Day
Dribble To Work Day
Genius Day
International Ask A Question Day
International Day Of Mathematics
Legal Assistance Day
Moth-Er Day
National Children’s Craft Day
National Learn About Butterflies Day
National Pi Day
National Potato Chip Day
National Save A Spider Day
National Write Your Story Day
Science Education Day
White Day

National Pi Day

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