HiP 064 – 4 Festivals on 4 Islands, Hawaii’s Top Ten Songs

Hawaii Posts
Hawaii Posts
HiP 064 - 4 Festivals on 4 Islands, Hawaii's Top Ten Songs

In this episode, The Triple Crown of Surfing starts, I have some scores for you, Leonid Meteor shower, festivals on 4 islands and we bring back the top 10 local hawaiian reggae songs with soundbites to satisfy you hungry ear. Plus 7 days of events to celebrate where ever you are on world day calendar pickles, pj’s, buttons, monopoly and toilets too .

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HiP weekly Weather Forecast-  Monday Nov 13 to Sunday Nov 19th 2023

Weather Conditions for Oahu-

This week will be windy and overcast with passing showers. Thursday will be mostly cloudy and Friday morning clear then clouds build up in to the weekend

Winds- Strong trade winds form ENE  20-25 MPH Shifting to south winds next weekend at 5-10 MPH

Temperatures average-  

Highs will be around at 82 5F (27C) 

Lows will be around 70F (21C)

This Week

Sunrise- around 6:42 am 

Sunset- around 5:48 pm

Daylight – averaging 11 hours 5 min


Song: The Lost Chord by Salon Kingsadore 

North Shores

3-5 (6-10 faces) dropping through the week to 2-4 Friday

West Side

1-2 (2-4 faces) dropping through the week

South Shores

0-1 rising (1-2 faces) holding

East Side

6-8 rising (12-16 faces) dropping strong winds chunky and grumpy 

Triple Crown of Surfing Link: https://triplecrown.vans.com/digital-events/2023/haleiwa/2023-rankings-haleiwa

Night Sky 

Moon Phase

Today is the new moon with a .3% illumination 

The moon will be waxing through the week, it will be 47% by Sunday


Today 7:04 AM 

By Sunday 12:47 PM 


Tonight 6:12pm

By Sunday 12:00 AM

Visible Planets

Mercury Sets at 6:36 PM WEST

Venus Rises 3:23 AM EAST

Mars Sets 5:54 PM WEST

Jupiter Sets 5:50 AM EAST

Saturn sets 12:57 AM  WEST

Uranus Rises 6:00 PM  WEST

NOTES:  This week we will see the peak in Leonid Meteor shower Nov. 17-18 The meteors seem to emerge for the Constellation Leo. However they can appear at any point in the sky. The Leonids occur when the Earth passes through the debris left by Comet Tempel-Tuttle. The comet takes around 33 years to make one orbit around the Sun.

LINK https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/meteor-shower/leonids.html

World DAYS

Monday- World Kindness day , Sadie Hawkins Day

Tuesday- Pickle Day, and Family PJ Day

Wednesday- Recycle day, clean out your fridge day

Thursday- Button day, Fast food Day

Friday- Hiking Day, Homemade bread day

Saturday- Play monopoly day, princess day

Sunday- Mens day, Toilet Day



Keali’i Reichel

Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US


Keali’i Reichel

Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US

Edge of the West and Barry Sless

Honoka’a People’s Theatre, Hilo, HI, US


Keali’i Reichel

Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US

Joe Gatto

Hawaii Theatre, Honolulu, HI, US

Paul van Dyk

The Republik, Honolulu, HI, US

San Holo

Wet-n-wild, Kapolei, HI, US

Edge of the West and Barry Sless

Hilo Palace Theater, Hilo, HI, US


Keali’i Reichel

Blue Note Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US



Festival of Aloha – Mahalo Molokai Concert A Hawaiian music concert held at the Hotel Moloka’i restaurant – Hiro’s ‘Ohana Grill



KING KALAKAUA BIRTHADAY at Waimea Valley, Kama’aina free admission


Hawaii Symphonic Band Presents its Fall 2023 Concerts from other lands. At the Pearl City Culture Center. Near Pearl Ridge High School. Featuring pieces including: A Prelude to the Shining Day, The Ascension from “The Divine Comedy”, English Folk Song Suite, Marche Slave, and more! 7:30pm

Maui Kamamaina Nights ft. Pi’ilani Arias at the Queen Kaahumanu Center 6:30-8:30

Molokai Festival of Aloha Nov. 17-24 11a – 8p

concert at Paddlers Restaurant and Bar in Kaunakakai on Nov. 24, with doors opening at 5:30 p.m. Performances will include Kala, Homesteady, Esther Kaholoaa, Keldin from High Watah, iRoots, Miah Music and a special appearance by Pound 4 Pound


Big Island Kokua Kailua Monthly Stroll 1-6

Oahu Aloha Home Market 9-2 Ala Moana center market – Furniture, art, housewares, handcrafted items

This Week’s Top 10 Reggae Songs as compiled by Island 98.5 Hawaii’s Reggae Station


Please Kokua for Maui in supporting the American Red Cross.

Help people affected by the Hawaii Wildfires. Your donation enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to, and help people recover from this disaster


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