Episode 050 Lahaina and West Maui Fires – Information and how you can help

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Episode 050 Lahaina and West Maui Fires - Information and how you can help

#50 for week starting Saturday August 12th to Friday August 18th 2023. Coming up in this episode after our Hawaii Posts Triple 7 forecast, which includes the 7 day forecasts for weather surf and night sky and 7 days concerts and comedy and 7 days of Events 

We will have a brief segment discussing the recent fires in Lahaina and west Maui. It’s the top of local domestic and international news so I’m sure you are up to date. However here on Hawaii posts I’d like to share a few perspectives and off you a chance to help and also remind you to stay alert for scammers that seek to capitalize on the tragedy that has unfolded this week on our neighbor island.

Then we’ll have an updated top 10 song lists one Local music, keeping you up to speed on what’s popular in local and reggae music on the islands. In this show you might just learn a few  You’ll lean a few Hawaiian words ……..  Also from our in our national day calendar you’ll find out…you might want to go to a garage sale and buy an old vinyl record on Saturday or Tell a joke to a friend to ease your nerves as you get ready to take the first drop on a roller coaster… all that and more coming up

Lahaina West Maui Fires

How you can help by donation of money good and time www.redcross.org/hawaii

Source News Links:



KHNL 8 & KGMB 9 https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/



Civil Beat

AM 830 KHVH https://khvhradio.iheart.com/

HAWAII POSTS, FEATURE STORY Lahaina and West Maui Fires – Information and how you can help

Tuesday in the late afternoon, the west side of Maui in particular Lahaina maui experience devastation on an unprecedented level.  Wild fires were whipped into a deadly firestorm that devastated and for the most part burned the majority of historic Lahaina town to the ground.  The winds were generated by a category 4 hurricane that was passing many many miles south of the islands but the storm was whisking away the moisture to develop its storm system in turn the island of Maui was being dried up at an accelerated rate. The dryness combined with a 30 year low in annual precipitation created the perfect conditions and fuel for the wildfire that had started in the fields east of the town of Lahaina. At 3 pm Tuesday firefighter thought they had the fire under control then gust of wind picked up to 50 mph and in a heartbeat the fire grew out of hand, racing toward the perimeter of east Lahaina where residents documented the smoke from the lanai’s and windows of their homes. They expressed concern as it approached at an unexpected speed.  These homes were soon engulfed and by 4 ‘o’clock officials were sounding the alarm warning residents and business owner to flee. As flames engulfed the city residents, tourist and business owners were forced to evacuate and some even had to jump n the ocean. As burning Embers started to rain down on the people in the water making a mixture of ashes and boat fuel on the waters surface. The water was on fire. In the dark of night The coastguard rescued many of those who sought shelter in the water. Residents documented the terror and horror of running and driving from the burning city. Wednesday morning there was hope and short lived relief that their were no fatalities but those news reports started to turn more grim as the count of fatalities began to rise, By noon it was 6 fatalities, then the next morning 35, then by Thursdays press conference the Governor announced more than 50 and as I write this the current total is 67 fatalities. Locals aunties uncles brothers sister moms and dads caught in the fire that never made it out of danger.  The numbers are expected to rise as the original count was only the number of bodies found in the streets and now as the search and rescue and recovery continues they are investigating the damage and entering the burned out homes and business discovering more victims of the blaze.

I thought a lot about how to present this for the show and you the listeners. Perhaps a montage of news bytes or maybe some social media sound bytes, dramatic music and such but I think the best thing to do is to provide links to local news organizations and outlets that have all the clips you need to look back at the devastating story as it unfolded and keep up to date with the latest updates news and personal accounts of peoples experience.  So if you would like to see coverage go to Hawaii Posts.com click the episode 50 show notes and you will find links appended to this story

TV: KHON2, KITV 4, KGMB9, KHNL 8 / Radio: KHVH / Newspapers: Maui Times, Honolulu Star Advertiser and Civil Beat.

You can check out some of the things I may have tweeted or reposted on my socials twitter Tomestokes123, IG fieldtripproducts, there you will see a few clips from people in the fire escaping in their cars, people in the ocean as burning embers rain down, before and after shots of Lahaina and more. But as I said earlier if you would like more in-depth coverage explore the many news outlets that I have linked to in the show notes for episode #50

I have spent many hours listening and watching the coverage,  KHVH am 830  Rick Hamada in conjunction with KHON2 has done a great job covering the events inviting eyewitnesses and officials and volunteer organizations that are seeking to provide relief to the people who have be deeply effected by the west maui fires. He had the communications director for RedCross Hawaii on the radio , Matthew wells, he spoke of ways to get involved by donating not just cash but supplies because many of the residents of Lahaina had to escape the fires so fast they didn’t have a chance to pack a bag so all amenities and clothing apparel is needed. From shoes socks pants shirts, diapers, blanket cots and much much more. He also said we need volunteers to help with the thousands of displaced residents. My wife and I are contributing bedding and clothing along with canned goods and more.  But I was inspired to go to RedCross.Org/hawaii and sign up to be a Red Cross voluteeer as part of the Disaster Action Team. I hope to go down to the Hawaii convention center Saturday to voluteer my help as more than 4000 evacuees are being taken care of there.

That brings me to this .  What can you do?

Go to redcross.org/hawaii to see how you can help via cash or other capacity.

Be aware of scammers that prey upon good hearted folks as unbelievable as it seems there are scoundrels out there that set up fake charities, they send mailers, emails and text messages. It’s already happening to people I know in the midwest. Be AWARE.  People need your help but always check out the organization and double check before you send a dime. I have heard of many local companies like banks, shipping companies, golf courses and the like that have set up food and clothing drives.  They come from legitimate organizations and companies but depending on where you live it may not be so legit and I as that you do your due diligence before you donate. When in doubt I recommend redcross.org/hawaii

The people of Maui are strong, and they will rebuild and but it will take time to grieve for the lost loved ones and recover from lost business, and historical structures.

I will provide updates in the future. Meanwhile please send your thoughts prayers and good vibes to the people of maui and particulary those who have experienced loss.


Paula Fuga performing “Hokulea Star of Gladness” –  https://youtu.be/z82_u3rHecU

Duke’s Ocean Fest opening ceremony 2006  –  https://youtu.be/T0alPXtG1Uw