Food Review: Musubi and Bento Iyasume

I took my 2 kids Jimmy and Tommy to the Musubi and Bento Iyasume in Waikiki at their Seaside avenue location. It’s just one block toward the mountains or as locals say mauka, of Kalākaua Ave just up the road from the world famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  Jimmy picked out a bento with a Salmon Musubi, 2 sausages, sweet egg (tamago) and mochiko chicken atop Koshihikari rice. Tommy  picked out the Spam egg and bacon Musubi. For me, I chose the bento with a tender filet of salmon, Sweet and savory pork sukiyaki, fish cake tempura, tamago, Kinpira with carrot and Gobo over a bed of rice that was cooked to perfection…. I ate nearly every grain of rice. We selected our drinks from their 2 refrigerators, water, ice tea and lilikoi passion fruit for me…. Of course.  We went over to Kuhio beach park seaside by the Aquarium. Sampled the food and gave it our 2 Shaka review. Mom said no need to show their faces so I cut the video short of the eating segment.  But trust me it was Ono-licious.  

We all gave it a 2 Shaka review !!!!

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